Stunning 4K UHD picture quality

Take your viewing into an exciting new era with the spectacular 4K UHD resolution – four times the detail of Full HD. Advanced processing ensures that every one of its 8.29 million individual pixels come together to display images with life-like clarity.

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Advanced high-speed performance

Enjoy 4K videos, sports broadcasts and video games at a stunning frame rate of 60 fps, powered by ARM® Cortex®'s state-of-the-art A17 CPU and GPU. Experience seamless, lag-free visuals as only the most powerful computing can provide.

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Exclusive LeTV EUI 5.5 based on Android 5.0

Experience your TV like never before with a breathtaking interface and lightning-fast Android-based operating system. Letv's EUI is optimized to integrate with the latest Android platform, enabling users to enjoy content from their TV's big screen.

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Super Slim Design

Measuring in at a miniscule 15.5 mm at its slimmest, the Super3 X55 complements sleek design with the solid build quality of its frame comprised out of aerospace materials, resulting in a slim yet sturdy exterior.But it's the unique Yoga-shaped base that immediately draws attention, adding a distinctive twist giving your home a more contemporary look.

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Precision sound with advanced acoustics

Dolby Audio and DTS premium sound technology deliver an outstanding home theater experience with audio from six stereo speakers and with 20W 2.0 speaker output, eliminating the need for an additional costly speaker system. Letv will raise the bar on what you expect from a television.

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The Super Remote

The LeTV Super3 series come with Letv‘s Super Remote Control 3.0, the handiest and smartest remote in the market. The four-direction navigation buttons help users easily access different applications and functions. The built-in microphone provides an alternative way to control your TV with your voice(Mandarin voice recognition only), or you can press a combo of number keys on the remote to quickly get your Super TV.

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